The Dark Tales of the Destroyer and the Firebird

~ or ~

"What's money got to do with it?"

Welcome to this small collection of fictive works I recently wrote on the topic of money. I wrote them for the reading enjoyment of the denizens of ZeroHedge, a financials blog, where I would cross-post them as links in comments. But ultimately I wrote them for my own pleasure. My ideas about money and value and moral responsibility probably won't resonate with most people, but I've nevertheless taken some time to explore them through the vehicle of my characters Diamond (the destroyer) and her sister Fortran (the firebird).

The characters are lifted from a larger work entitled Darkatana: A Black Tale that explores in several thousand pages spanning several centuries of storyline many topics that I find interesting. I call it a black tale because I'm afraid it takes an unflinching view of the human condition, which for all it's triumph and sweeping grandeur has at its heart a kind of shadow awaiting us. Sometimes we run up against that darkness and our days darken in turn, for each of us as individuals and at times for many of us. Perhaps some day, for all of us. It is the place where sleeps greed, malice and betrayal. And thoughtless harm. And the thousand and one minor cuts that threaten to destroy all that we hold dear. In that shadow also sleeps the destroyer whom we awaken at our peril. It may be our fate to do so, eventually. I pray we do not.

In these short works, Diamond and Fortran are in strict character from their parts in the larger work, and I make little overt effort to bring the reader into their larger world except where it seems to move things along. Here they are simply what they are, and through their unique lens I am able to go down certain pathways and open certain cans of worms that other characters might have a harder time recognizing, playing with, and ultimately annihilating. They are after all a destroyer and a firebird, so annihilation is both their curse and their privilege.

I present again the stories here in the order I wrote them, and with no more preface than when they were originally offered. They stand on their own merits, or not, as the case might be.

Enjoy. -- c@, Nov 26 2010

"The Exchange" or: The firebird goes to Wall Street

"Acts of Charity" or: Evening and a dinner with the destroyer

"Not Even Work" or: The destroyer and the firebird rob a bank

"A Tear for the Sinner" or: The destroyer and the firebird go to church

"Uncomfortable with the Truth" or: The firebird breaks the world

"This Heart of Gold" or: The destroyer gets her shiny on

"Keeping Appearances" or: the destroyer takes a confession

"The Corner Office" or: a destroyer always lands on her feet